Let's share together

List your product and start sharing. By uploading good looking pictures and informative description you can increase the chances of your product being hired

Promote your products in social media to increase the visibility. Following and adding peers into your community will create a better opportunity to promote your product.

Schedule a time and meet your peer. Meeting your peer in a welcoming way, will build trust and helps to grow a good relationship.

How to Hire

Find your favorite products around you and connect with your community.

Choose your dates to reserve a product. Compare prices with other listed products. Hiring for a week will probably save you more on rental price.

Arrange meeting with owner to collect the product. Being responsible and punctual will build trust and reputation with in your community.

How it works ?

Share your stuff with your peers or Hire a product that you use once a while instead of buying it.

It’s better to share your belongings with someone rather than keeping them unused. No matter whether it is DIY tool, Electronics or your gym equipments, you can share anything especially when you are not using them.