Frequently Asked Questions

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If a picture says 1000 words then the video is priceless. Here are some videos to explain How/What is Tryilo.
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How it Works
Tryilo isn’t just a platform for renting and sharing your goods. We strive to bring like-minded people together and build real communities of enthusiasts across Ireland.

You can create an account with Tryilo free of cost. As of now we support registration via Facebook or Google+.

Tryilo is a community of trusted peers. For browsing through the products shared by your peers, you don't need to go through verification process. Once you want to list your product or if you want to borrow a product from your community/peers, we mandate verification process.

As of now we support ID verification(Driving License, Passport or any other Government Approved photo Identification cards) and Mobile Verification. We'll be introducing more forms of verification going forward.

You can borrow any product from any one on the platform. However, there could be limitations and deal conditions set by product owners in terms of delivery, insurance and approachability.

We generally allow up to 24 hours for any reservation before it automatically expires. During these 24 hours time frame we try to approach the product owner via different communication channelsj which they opted as part of the sign up process.

You can rent out or borrow any product on Tryilo for certain price. The minimal rental price starts at € 5.

Yes. You are free to chose any price you want for the product being listed. The minimum price is € 5.

Minimum of one product image with image description is mandatory for the product to be published. How ever we advise to upload at least five images of your product with a good description and deal conditions. This will help your product to be shown on top of the list.

You can list your product with out verifying. How ever the product will not be published until the verification is complete.

Yes. You can opt to have some security deposit for the product. As part of the rental process, we wil pre authorise this security deposit amount on borrowers card.

We provide free of cost insurance up to 1000 Euros or 1000 UK pounds. You can learn more about our Peer Guarantee HERE

Tryilo charges 15% service fee on each successful deal from the product owner (lender) and 5% service fee from the person who is hiring the product (borrower). All banking fees are included in the users’ service or processing fee.

VAT (value-added tax) fees might be added on top of our service fees depending on product/customer location.
VAT for Tryilo service is added only for Irish customers. For UK Tryilo users there is no VAT fee for the service.
If you are renting or have listed product(s) on Tryilo as business your listed products price must be included with VAT.

You can learn more about VAT and its thresholds:
Ireland -
United Kingdom -

As a borrower you can make your payment through Credit/Debit Card or through your Tryilo e-wallet. As a product lender you will receive all your payments into your Tryilo e-wallet the day after the rental period is started.

We use Mangopay as our payment gateway for all the transactions. Our e-wallet system is maintained by Mangopay too.

Tryilo doesn't store any of your card information.

For any product which have security deposit on it, Tryilo will pre authorise the card with that amount. Once the rental is completed and if there are no claims from the product owner, then we will release the security deposit back to borrower.

Any claims should be immediately reported to Tryilo through our support email Each claim is manually verified before the claim amount is charged on the borrower cards.

As a product lender you will receive all your payments into your Tryilo e-wallet the day after the rental period is finished. You can withdraw this amount to any of your bank accounts.

As of now Tryilo don't do the delivery of the products between peers. However Tryilo facilitates the delivery by giving all the required information to pickup or deliver the product.

This completely depends on product to product. Some owners will be comfortable to pick up and drop the products. And some will meet you at their home or any other local places. Most of this information will be given by the product owner as part of the deal description. Tryilo swaps the email addresses and phone numbers of the peers once the reservation request is successfully processed.

Yes. How ever this option is not available on the website. You should contact us at so that we can arrange you a delivery. Its always better to contact us if you have any delivery requirements.

Communities are at the core of Tryilo. Our mission of connecting millions of households starts by connecting people with in the local communities. We donate back up to 50% of our profits back to the communities who are active on Tryilo.

There are two different communities you can create in Tryilo. Local neighbourhood community Ex: Malahide Community (or) it could be the communities of interests/hobbies Ex: Dublin community of Digital Photographers. Each peer in the community can be trusted as its a small group of people who share the common interests (or) neighbourhood.

Yes, any one can create a community and invite people into your own community.

Insurance / Peer Guarantee
Tryilo is committed to creating a safe and trusted sharing community across Ireland and provides insurance (which will be referred to here as the ‘Peer Guarantee’) in order to protect the verified members of the site from loss or damage to the items they list for rent on our site.

In order to be eligible to make claim you must agree to the following statements. A written statement may also be required.

  • I (product owner) seeking payment under the Peer Guarantee agree to cooperate with Tryilo through the provision of documentation of the claimed loss and by agreeing to an inspection on the rare occasion when it may be required.
  • I have not been convicted of or charged with any offence with the exception of motoring offences during the past 5 years.
  • I have never been subject to a court judgement, a debt relief order (DRO), an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) or to bankruptcy proceedings.
  • I have never had an insurance policy cancelled, refused or declined or had any special terms imposed.
  • I have not made in excess of 3 insurance claims over the past 5 years.

  • Take photos or a video of your item before you rent it out. We recommend taking these on a smartphone where timestamps are applied automatically.
  • If your item has a core function you will also need to take a video of this in action. Example: if it’s a drone, take a video of it flying; if it’s a sound equipment, capture a video of it in action where we can hear the sound. This is required in order for you to prove that it was working immediately prior to the rental.
  • If your item happens to be returned to you damaged you must notify us within 24 hours of the end date of the rental.

In order to protect yourself we also strongly recommend that you to take timestamped pictures/video when collecting items from the product owner.

There is no requirement for you to pay an excess in order to claim.

No, our insurance is provided exclusively for lenders. You are free as a borrower to take out your own insurance though another company.
As a borrower you are fully liable for any damage caused to the item while it is in your possession. This means that it is your responsibility to pay for a replacement if you happen to destroy or lose a particular item. You will also be required to pay in full for any damage that may be caused or if the item gets stolen, broken, lost or confiscated during the rental period. Failure to do so will result in legal action being taken.

If you need to claim please complete the following steps:

  1. Report the issue to Tryilo within 24 hours of the end of the rental period.
  2. Contact the borrower in order to establish if the issue can be resolved simply. Borrowers are liable for any damage caused to an item while it is in their possession so it's often cheaper and quicker for them to organise a repair or replacement with you directly.
  3. If a resolution cannot be reached directly or if you would prefer not to communicate with the borrower, just let us know and we will be happy to intervene. We will require you to provide photos or a video of the item to prove that it was rented out in full working order as well as video/photographic evidence showing the damage. You will be asked to gather as much documentation as possible to submit to Tryilo in support of your case such as photos, receipts, a Garda report (if items got stolen or lost), and any other documentation that proves ownership, highlights damage or estimates the fair market value of items damaged. The documentation will then be reviewed in order for us to evaluate the payment request.
  4. If the borrower denies causing damage to the item and it is unclear if the damage was their fault or not, then we may ask you to get the damage confirmed or verified by a reputable third party. As soon as we have established that the harm to the item was the borrowers fault (as opposed to a technical malfunction or prior damage) we will organise payment immediately. 
It is important to us that you feel comfortable lending out your possessions on Tryilo and are committed to doing everything we can in order to make the process as efficient and stress free as possible. 

No, our Peer Guarantee does not cover public liability. 
We therefore do not cover any injury or damage that might occur to any person or their property as a result of your item malfunctioning while it is rented out. We also do not cover any costs that any malfunction may incur including but not limited to legal costs, medical bills, loss of earnings of others and replacement or repair of damaged property.

We do not provide cover for loss of earnings either through the site or off-platform. We are therefore unable to reimburse you for any rentals or work that you are not in a position to complete because your item is in the process of being repaired or replaced.

However, we do promise to resolve your issue as quickly as possible so that you are not without your item for long. Because we are conscious of the fact that that a lot of lenders use their items in their own profession as well as renting them on Tryilo our disputes team are ruthlessly efficient at resolving claims and disputes quickly.

Each item is covered up to its full new retail value provided that is not in excess of 200 euros.

If your item is worth more than that just let us know and we can usually add your item to the insurance policy once we've gathered the details. 

Tryilo insurance is designed to cover all of your items and almost everything is covered. However, we have listed a few exclusions below:

  • Cars, motorcycles, scooters and any vehicle for which a licence is required to drive.
  • Real estate (eg. Houses, apartments or land)  
  • Chemicals, liquids or any consumables 
  • Weapons (obviously!)
Any other items listed as prohibited items in the Tryilo Terms & Conditions

The Peer Guarantee does not protect against reasonable wear and tear but is instead designed to provide protection against rare instances of damage.

Claims usually take between 48-72 hours after all documentation has been submitted.

A security deposit is the most convenient way to insure your items for even the slightest damage and the claim process with this method is quick and easy. Providing you have proof (pictures, video etc.) of the damage caused the claim could be processed just 24 hours later. The deposit for the item will be paid full or part depending on the damage cost. If the item is rented with a deposit our Peer Guarantee does not apply for that rental period.

Items are only insured during the agreed rental period.

Tryilo reserves the rights to cancel the cover or claim of the any product at any time for any suspicious reason.
Tryilo reserves the right to change or edit the Peer Guarantee policy at any time without informing members of any changes.
The Peer Guarantee is free for all of our verified Tryilo product owners.